WEXCO Industries Makes America

WEXCO Industries 'Makes America'

WEXCO Industries proudly announces the release of its Compact Drive Unitized Windshield Wiper Motor system

Pine Brook, NJ (PRWEB) August 12, 2011

Following the tone set by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers “I Make America” campaign, WEXCO Industries of Pine Brook, New Jersey is proud to announce the release of its Compact Drive Unitized Windshield Wiper Motor system.  The drive system, which WEXCO believes will become an industry standard, has been designed and sourced such that all but a few of its components are manufactured in the United States.  Continuous improvement efforts by Engineering and Supply Chain will soon have all but one component sourced domestically, once two new suppliers become fully qualified.

“It used to be a no-brainer that low-cost meant going to China or India,” says WEXCO’s COO, Steve Schwartz, “but when you really examine landed costs, and the hidden costs associated with getting a product onto your dock, it’s beginning to make more sense to look locally”.

The motor assembly is designed to be extremely flexible, accommodating wipe angles between 40-108 degrees, and pivot lengths between ¾” and 3”.  It is already on OE platforms as varied as farm tractors and skid steers, and there are several more projects lined up for deployment in the second half of 2011.

Not only is the unit engineered to be customer-friendly, the “Made In America” aspect makes it particularly manageable from a procurement standpoint.  “I can pick up the phone and talk to a supplier in real time, and not have to wait days for an e-mail response, which often time doesn’t answer the question I originally asked”, says Supply Chain Manager Dennis Klemm.  “There’s no hassle of duty, brokerage, customs, security X-raying of containers, and week-long shutdowns of foreign facilities due to their local holidays.  And I think competition from abroad has forced domestic companies to streamline their operations, or make them lean, which has resulted in better pricing.”

With much of the ambiguity associated with long, foreign-based supply chains removed, WEXCO has become more lean in its own operations.  Local vendors are able to provide reliable deliveries, which in turn, makes WEXCO more dependable in the eyes of its own customers.   “It’s all about the value proposition,” says William Clark, Senior VP and GM of WEXCO.  “Quality, price, and delivery have always been important, but now with this new, robust product, enabled by a streamlined supply chain, we can add short lead-times, reduction of inventory, and flexibility to our offering”.

About WEXCO Industries: Wiper Solutions Made Easy. WEXCO Industries, Inc. is among the nation’s leading global suppliers of windshield wipers and wiper blade components, manufacturing OEM wiper systems within the heavy duty market and servicing both the heavy duty and automotive aftermarkets. WEXCO, a Certified WBNEC company, and ISO9001:2008 certified, provides quality products, services and solutions and is constantly finding ways to improve value for our customers.

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